Welcome to the front-end app for the Cloudy Logic Studios REST API (aka CLSRESTAPI)! This app allows you to manually test the various APIs that are part of this system. This app sits on the server as a convenient way to investigate the return data from the various API calls.

Alternatively, you might want to take a look at the script repository also available on GitHub, as it allows you to test all of the APIs at once, or just a single one. Check it out here.

Invoking the CLS REST API

Click on the buttons below to test each API. Buttons in the first column are the primary APIs. Buttons in the second column, when present, illustrate passing a parameter to the API by embedding it in the URL. The returned object is displayed (pretty printed) in the area just below the buttons for quick review. You can reset the text area using the reset button.

API return object is display here.